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TubeTraffic is a pretty good app for anyone who needs free traffic from YouTube. I can't think of any other way to get free traffic to a new YouTube video this fast. Great product and good fit for our VidCuratorFX users! I highly recommend it!

- Abhi Dwivedi

This could help in ranking local business niche videos by commenting on top videos and having these serve as links to the local business channel for more views

- Aaron Terrell Webb

It looks like a real time saver and a real amazing tool if you set up a channel and want to monetize on autopilot!

- Barry Durling

As someone who is just setting up a channel in a unique niche, I can definitely see the value of this. To be able to easily see and track the relevant keywords and find relevant back linking opportunities is priceless.

- Laurie Owen

So what do I think of Tube Traffic over all? Well I think that the problem it aims to solve is very real. YouTube has gotten so huge that its unlikely that your going to put a video on it and magically get traffic. There is just to much competition. I know that the way that it solves the problem has been proven to work on other venues such as blogging, Facebook groups, and Twitter and because of this I think that provided you can resist the urge to misuse this software (by spamming affiliate links on comments) this can be something that could really help you get noticed, get visitors to your videos, and make you stand out. With its very reasonable pricing and its 30 day money back guarantee I think its well worth at least trying.

- Brett Rutecky